Work from Home experience amid lock-down
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Work From Home

Work from Home experience amid lock-down

Being fresher it is my first ever coincidence to continue the work, that I used to do in office premise, from my room. yes the room, I will not say from the ‘home’ because I use to share a flat of three rooms with my 4 friends.

When we first heard about the lockdown that was going to be implemented throughout the country from the very next day and we were asked to carry our system and essential peripherals along with us, that moment was quite surprising and uncommon for all of us.
Minds of freshers like me were full of questions and confusion that how would this all be done?

We were coordinated by our seniors not just at that time of confusion but even after that whenever it is required till today and now everything seems to be as normal as it used to be in the office. We are still in lockdown and My bedroom has become my cubicle now, Plates from my kitchen have replaced my lunch box. Although we are in touch with our colleagues socially and maintaining physical distancing. The only thing that I miss is the direct interaction with them and I am sure nothing can replace this.

We are lucky enough that we can work from home as well. In the present situation of coronavirus epidemics, where many industries have to stop their work, work from home culture has proven as a boon to our industry and organization. Anyways Working from the home is not going to affect those organisation who measure productivity by objectives and not by how long we are visible in our work stations.

Hope things will get normal soon and we all get together once again under the same roof and with the same smile.

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I am a QA engineer and I love to write as well in free time. I use to write when I am happy or sad and sometimes in a normal conditions too.

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