Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts Of Working Remotely
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Dos and don'ts of working remotely

Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts Of Working Remotely

As we are mindful of the current circumstance over the globe and as a result of keeping up social distancing due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s an undeniable truth that a larger proportion of the workforce is working from home than ever.
There are a number of cons and pros as well that come with working remotely. There may be an increase in productivity but troubles in communication and loneliness can be a few boundaries.
So, there are a few of my guidelines that you could follow to make your work from home easier and effective which are as specified underneath:-

Do’s Of Working Remotely

  1. Do: Make sure to regularly communicate with your colleagues

    Working from home doesn’t mean you will be working on your own or without access to vital documents. Thus maintaining regular contact with your team is important. It also helps employees to update their personal records, log absence or request holiday.
  2. Do: Dress appropriately

    Just a casual outfit would help you to change your state of mind and increase productivity instead of being in a nightgown or pajamas all day. You wouldn’t want to get caught in pajamas during video conferencing.
  3. Do: Put the right technology in place

    Investing in the right equipment means that you can have an external monitor, mouse or keyboard, a proper chair, and desk so that you could set up your home office at its best.
  4. Do: Decorate your workspace

    Make your workspace enjoyable because you would have to spend a lot of your time sitting there and bet you won’t want to fall asleep working. Try to add some pictures with your family and friends, a table lamp, notice board or house plant.
  5. Do: Get your things organized

    If you are working away from your regular workplace then make a list of essentials things that you would require to save yourself some time because it is sometimes frustrating too when you can’t find something when you need it.


Don’ts Of Working Remotely

  1. Don’t: Snack all-day

    Avoid snacking all day. You can eliminate your temptations by switching to healthy food. Because when we are working from anywhere we end up finding ourselves at home with a fridge or food cupboard within easy reach.
  2. Don’t: Turn the TV on and minimize online time on social media

    Turning on the TV or switching to Netflix is likely to prove a distraction and could hindermost of your work. Instead, you could switch to the radio with some music or pick endless streams of music from Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, etc.
    Also, minimize being online on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc as being on social media apps for too long is bad for mental health as per the studies.
  3. Don’t: Work from anywhere

    Leaving your regular workspace and going to a coffee shop no matter how tempting it might be but it can hamper your work or might cause back problems as well. If you feel like changing the space then you can join your local co-working space where you can network with other professionals.
  4. Don’t: Forget to take regular breaks

    Just like you would take breaks in the office, it is important to take breaks when you are working from home also. Prefer a productive break like having some healthy snacks, doing some stretches or exercise or just a small walk outdoors. So give yourself some allotted break time to help your mind take a break and to keep yourself focused at work.
  5. Don’t restrain yourself to the 10 to 6

    Work when you’re most productive. Working between the hours that adjust along with your internal clock and natural rhythms empowers you to form the foremost of the period of time once you feel most motivated and productive.


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  • Shreya Agrawal
    Posted at 16:48h, 15 July Reply

    I work at Skuad remotely and I think all of this gets covered under the ambit of discipline. Discipline makes the work 10x more easy. You have discipline? no tv. You have discipline? no pyjamas! We at skuad don’t have a lot of discipline problems, at least not me! I think that adds up to the article.

    • Shshank kumar
      Posted at 13:50h, 21 July Reply

      your point is valid. Discipline is a larger entity and the points mentioned above are subsets of that only.

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