Tools & Platforms for Mobile Application Testing
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Tools & Platforms for Mobile Application Testing (3)

Tools & Platforms for Mobile Application Testing

Smartphones technology is rising day by day globally. Numerous people are used to carrying at least one mobile phone and it eases our lifestyle in different ways. By using mobile applications, we can explore or do shopping while sitting at home and we get things with only one click on our doorstep. We know that nothing stays in a perfect manner always, similarly while using mobile applications on devices at times they create issues. So, to fix the problem the first step is to identify errors or bugs, and for that, we have testers who can find errors in the applications. To detect errors testers take help from the mobile application testing tools and this necessitates QA and software testing.

Let’s have a look at some of the Mobile Application Testing Tools:


Appium has come out to be one of the most popular test automation tools for testing mobile applications used by professional testers and developers for its ease of implementation. It is an effective and open-source tool that makes sure automation of native, mobile, and web applications testing works well even for hybrid applications across IOS and Android platforms. Appium holds up Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. While using Appium in mobile automation, there is no need to modify any codes over the app as Appium flawlessly integrates with Android and iOS platforms also. Keeping in mind that it is cross-platform, it raises the reusability of the code between iOS and Android test suites. It automates any language or testing framework across any mobile app.


Mobile application testing allows working on repeatable UI tests on the application platform. It is an automated testing tool that you can use on actual mobile devices. You can choose any language from the VBScript, Python, Javascript, Jscript, etc, to create automated scripts and are also available over the tools. The platform can be authorized for the automation of any OS and mobile device. Including React Native, SwiftUI, Flutter, and Xamarin, it upholds all major frameworks. You can fastly create codeless automated mobile tests across multiple platforms on Android devices.


If you are looking for a mobile application testing tool then you can opt for AppDynamics offered by Cisco. It is a tool to keep track of the application performance and it does not just monitor but has the possibility to get all the real-time updates for end-to-end management of applications.

Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile is the cloud-native testing platform for mobile, web, and IoT software testing. It provides easy access to an ample range of mobile devices and web browsing environments. Its
research and reporting platforms permit the teams to assess the quality and focus on the problem areas to make changes. The tool has distinct frameworks and testing platform integration. It provides an interface where teams can connect and collaborate to work on errors. Enables the team to authenticate the work on actual platforms and run the tests in XCTest, Espresso test frameworks across multiple platform versions.

Bug Hunter

Bug hunter is a manual mobile testing tool designed to make UI testing of Android applications easy and fast. It can also be used by developers or UI/UX designers who can test the application on their own and make necessary changes before it goes to a QA process, which speeds up the overall development cycle. Bug hunter covers all the essential UI testing and contains the functionality and picking colors, and ensuring pixel-perfect design. It builds a quality screenshot in one tap without any manual changes and is easily shared with the team members.

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