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Jobhirehub - web app load test - Fleek IT Solutions
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Jobhirehub – web app load test

About This Project

A platform helping in freelancing and building team with top quality freelancers by browsing top talented freelancers from every field including program management, graphic design, content creation, virtual assistants, software development, and a lot more.

Client was looking for someone with a LoadImpact account (or similar) with expertise expert in performing web stress tests. They wanted to Simulate thousands of users to a website that is currently in development and generate a report that reviews the bottlenecks and makes recommendations to improve performance.

The main objective of the project was to get answers of the following questions:

  • The max number of concurrent users that platform can support on a single server?
  • Bottleneck (DB? Network? Memory? CPU?)
  • Low hanging improvements to make to improve performance?
  • Reliability of load balancer and auto scaling implementation

Proposed solution and execution

After understanding the complete requirements and business goals, Fleek IT team proposed an cost-effective and reliable solutions using following technical stack

  • Jmeter – an open source tool designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance
  • Jmeter plugins – a custom set of plugins for Jmeter to generate additional reports and, provide flexibility in scripting to generate more realistic load and many more features
  • AWS EC2 instance – Load generation server
  • Blazemeter or redline13 as a load generation cloud

jmeterblazemeter redline13

Fleek team worked closely with development and devops team during test executions in order to monitor and optimizing server infrastructure based upon the load test results.

Load testing
Jmeter, Redis, Redline13