Outsourced QA - a Profitable Decision
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Outsourced QA - a Profitable Decision (2)

Outsourced QA – a Profitable Decision

Opting between in-house and outsourced QA is a very laborious decision. Some organizations feel that outsourcing the software testing needs is best for business strategy. On the other hand, some organizations feel that outsourcing QA can be a waste of time and money and in-house QA is the right approach for their business development. The decision for choosing rather outsourced QA or in-house QA totally depends on your goals and objectives. It also depends on the budget of the organization and the time limit within which the product will be released in the market. Being said that, outsourced QA is the better decision for the companies rather than making a testing team as a whole. Although Outsourcing QA can be beneficial for organizations, if a thing has lots of merits then it will have demerits too just like a coin has its two sides. Similarly, Outsourcing software testing has advantages and disadvantages also.

Enterprises do not encourage In-house QA

Some of the organizations do not prefer In-house QA, as they think this will cost them high and affect their businesses. Quality assurance traditionally has been handled by the in-house testing teams who do extensive manual and automated testing. This was fine when deployed every 6 months, but now modern enterprises like Facebook, Google, and Amazon commonly release hundreds of times every day. It is hard to release quickly and frequently while maintaining Quality with in-house QA and this in-house is affecting and damaging the business. It makes your developer unhappy and slows you down. The main problem with In house QA is that it is very slow and expensive to keep up with the deployment strategy. You want that all of your QA is to be done in 5 mins and nothing should be left for an hour until the next release when you release frequently. On the other hand, the human teams don’t handle the sporadic because they are naturally difficult to scale.

Outsourced QA Benefits

Outsourcing QA is beneficial for enterprises because it is cost-effective, saves time and resources. The cost of errors and failed applications might affect your business since it can be very costly. Outsourcing software testing is a great method for your organization to develop market-ready services and products. Rather than hiring your own QA managers, you can do a contract with a quality assurance testing organization that saves and stops the wastage of money. If someone else is taking care of the QA of your product and making sure that the software product is bug-free then your team can focus on building an error-free software product. As the QA of your product identifies bugs in advance you can easily improvise on the product. By outsourcing QA you will get in touch with professional experts from all over the world which means the skill set of the testing projects would be better. And also, using another enterprise for software testing gives better quality since they generally hire testers who are experts in different areas in software testing skills and techniques.

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