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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Wins

When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home. Betty Bender

Employee engagement requires a real interest in people as employees respond to real support, appreciation, and belief in their performance. This involves shifting from a micro-managed, instruction-led mentality to a more open and flexible one that allows and trusts employees to take responsibility and ownership.

Few points organizations could implement to successfully motivate their workforce

  • An organization should facilitate informal employee networks
  • Collaborative ideas approach among team
  • Tolerating mistakes, allowing experimentation and develop trust
  • Distribute responsibilities and delegate authority and voluntary leadership
  • Providing support from senior-most levels of management

HR plays an active role in implementing the engagement program but the planning and execution require the involvement of leaders and managers in the organization. Thus it is an organization-wide collaborative approach.
The change is required to be implemented from the top if companies want to ensure the highest level of motivation among its employees. Individuals who show ambition, hard work and positivity are more likely than those who do not
One needs to communicate with employees the priorities and values of the business and tell them precisely what they are capable of and how to accomplish it. Often, provide them with daily reports on the company’s success and where it stands on the global marketplace.

Positive work culture, access to productivity and time management rules, learning and development opportunities, flexibility, rewards, and recognition are some of the factors that can help the company to drive employee engagement. Organizations show that they trust employees to do their job no matter where they are.
Employee Engagement should not be pursued just for the sake of it. Companies should provide support to their employees so that they can give better services to customers, and thus need to appreciate their efforts with positive affirmation, reward, and career progression.

It has been well said by Doug Conant that, To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

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