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Digital Marketing

Creative & Design | Social Media Marketing | SEO | Marketing Automation | Digital Analytics

We provide enormously ROI-driven digital marketing strategies keeping in mind the objectives of our customers whether it is building the awareness of a brand or creating a robust funnel. We are with our customers to provide them with high-quality digital marketing services such as Creative Design, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning, SEO, Digital Analytics, and Marketing Automation.

Our Services

Design and Development

Our dedicated team of 100+ creative mavericks who have the immense knowledge and expertise which will create the designs for your brand and ensures that the branding never goes unnoticed. The first step is to know the main objective of your site then we could design your new website. We are specialized in creating and designing website solutions that are customer-centric. Web presence is an essential requirement for the organization that keeps the business rolling in the contemporary world. We help you in showcasing not only the information but also your working style through your website since it is the true reflection of your business.

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Social Media Marketing - Fleek IT Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very powerful strategy since it will take the brand to the next level. We made custom-built social media by which the brands can be connected with their target audiences. We focus on attracting the target audience from sources other than search engines, thus it provides search rankings. In earlier times of marketing, the advertisement used to be published in the newspaper, magazines, etc but with the advent of the technology of digital news websites, the techniques of marketing have also changed. Social Media Marketing is one of the most used platforms and most talked about a buzzword. So in simple words, we are here to support your brand or any product on devices through our digital marketing services by studying and understanding your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team has enough experience that optimizes your website’s technical configuration which can be easily findable for the end-users towards search queries. We are here to help you in improving the quality and quantity of the website traffic to a website from search engines. Firstly SEO is a long-term strategy and search is one of the main ways through which individuals can discover content online then higher ranking can lead to an increase in website traffic. Fleek has exceptional ability and qualified Search Engines Optimization (SEO) experts who will suggest you the right mix of options and analyze your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization - Fleek IT Solutions
Marketing Automation - Fleek IT Solutions

Marketing Automation

To increase efficiency we use software to automate your monotonous marketing work. It’s not only for efficiency we also provide a more personalized experience to your customers by making your campaigns more effective. We are here to help you with the marketing automation frameworks since we know that generating leads and engaging the customers throughout their journey remain is a difficult task. We provide you with a full suite of features that not only help you with the email marketing campaigns but also provide magnificent tools. This can be the most effective platform for the organization to market on the different online channels such as email, websites, social media, etc.

Digital Analytics

We embrace the process of analyzing and collecting digital data to validate the behavior of users and optimize conversions. Through Digital analytics we provide you a clear vision of how consumers are behaving and where the organization needs improvement. Our team is responsible to understand all the information that your customers generate with respect to your brand or product. By using this information you can design your marketing personalised experiences for your customers which includes marketing campaigns and client acquisition and many more.

Digital Analytics - Fleek IT Solutions
Content Marketing - Fleek IT Solutions

Content Marketing

Our team of content marketing creates and repurposes shareable content that attracts, engages, and retains your targeted audience across various online channels. We want every customer could approach to establish expertise and promote awareness of your brand that keeps your business top of mind. The consistent use of content marketing helps in maintaining relationships with your existing customers by distributing relevant and useful content through blogs, articles, social media posts, emails, etc.

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