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Non-Functional Testing

UI/UX & usability testing | platform & browser compatibility testing | security testing | performance & load testing

Non-functional quality aspects are equally important for every product’s success

Along with our functional QA services, our experts always give equal importance to non-functional product requirements because we believe that non-functional aspect plays critical role in every product’s acceptance and success at any marketplace. Our experts work closely with product managers and clients to ensure that non-functional requirements are taken into consideration right from the inception of the product and acceptance criteria are clearly specified.

Fleek IT solutions - UI/UX testing

UI/UX & Usability testing

Fleek IT team acknowledge the fact that UI/UX and usability of the product is the most critical factor of product’s acceptance in any marketplace. Our QA approach always covers detailed user experience & usability analysis from the end-user point of view and works closely with the product and design team on improvements to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately, the overall success of the product.

Security testing

We blend our approach of manual security testing with open source tools for static and dynamic analysis techniques, and to apply all possible security testing techniques like security audits, vulnerability scans, authentication, authorization, SQL injections, JS injections, XSS attacks, malicious file attacks, encryption, and penetration tests to ensure product security compliance.

  • Expertise in both static and dynamic security analysis
  • Comprehensive security coverage using open source and commercial tools for existing and potential threats
  • Our experts strictly follow OWASP guidelines
Fleek IT solutions - security testing services
Fleek IT solutions - Compatibility testing services

Compatibility testing

Our test strategy focuses on matrix and methodology to identify the optimum number of combinations to test compatibility of the product with different OS, browsers, devices, display resolutions, hardware configurations, servers, databases.


  • In-house QA lab having physical devices with difference operating systems and variety of OS versions
  • Rapid test execution cycles of compatibility tests before product releases
  • Customized automation frameworks to speed up the QA process and comprehensive test coverage

Our specialized services


We do not make software; we only make them better

Performance and load testing

Performance engineering is a mixture of strategy, attitude, tactics, and collection of metrics & tools to achieve desired results.We are experts in performance engineering using open-source and commercial automation tools to achieve optimum responsiveness, scalability and robustness of the product.


Accessibility evaluation

We provide services to evaluate web applications for their accessibility against WCAG 2.0 and section 508 guidelines. Accessibility is not only for people with disability but it makes interface better for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is able to interact with technology in the same way as the average person.

Why Fleek IT Solutions?


Our principle objective is to prove confidence in the product

Fleek IT Solutions being a best software testing company in India understand the significance of user experience, cross-platform compatibility, performance, and security features of any product. To support our aim of achieving greater market acceptance for all our projects, we use both commercial and open-source tools and frameworks to complement our manual QA verification and validation process. Our QA approach helps in getting following answers:

  • How secure is the application?
  • Will it behave in the same way in a different environment, browser, or OS?
  • How does the application perform under normal and extreme circumstances?
  • Users from different age group can use this application?
  • Can the application handle stress?
  • Can the application recover from any disaster?
  • How easy is to port the application in a different system?

There are many other questions which can be added to this list and we can help to get their answers using our non-functional testing approach because we believe that every non-functional feature contribute towards the quality of the product.

Test management tools - Fleek IT Solutions

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